For kids classes

Fees per class for the new term are 6,500 RWF if your child takes one class per week, or 6,000 RWF if she/he takes more than one class.

However, you may decide to pay a bit more for a good cause: The additional money (for example 500 RWF per class) will be donated to MindLeaps. We are excited to tell you that we are starting a partnership with MindLeaps. This is a project helping street children in Kigali to eventually attend school by habituating them to regularity and studying through dance classes.

 First term:
10/09 – 22/12
(15 weeks)
Second term:
07/01- 06/04
(13 weeks)
Third term:
15/04- 23/06
(9 weeks)
REGISTRATION for 1 class/week  97,500 Rwf 84,500 Rwf 58,500 Rwf
REGISTRATION for 1 class/week + donation 105,000 Rwf 91,000 Rwf 63,000 Rwf
REGISTRATION for 2 classes/week 180,000 Rwf 156,000 Rwf  108,000 Rwf
REGISTRATION for 2 classes/week + donation 195,000 Rwf 169,000 Rwf 117,000 Rwf

We encourage to have your child attend the class regularly. Please pay for the according term in advance, preferably to our bank account: City Arts, Account nr: 00255-06948092-73 at Bank of Kigali (MTN Branch). Please note the name of your child on the transfer!

Drop-in price per class is 10,000 RWF.

For adult classes

For adult classes no registration form is required. The teacher will only ask you to sign a participants list and to leave your email/phone number to be able to contact you.

Adult classes are paid in cash directly with the teacher and cost in general 5,000 RWF.