At the moment the show is the event of the year where we could really need your help. But there are also other tasks through the year where we would appreciate your support.

For the show for example we would need help on the following tasks:

In the 2-3 months before the show

  • Lights & sounds
  • Photographer
  • Curtain + decoration 
  • Tickets – price + pre-sales
  • Order + music to put together
  • Costumes preparation
  • Flyers and posters (conception and printing)
  • Program (conception and printing)

At the day of the show/during the show

  • Rehearsal management (the day of the show)
  • Bring the mats and curtains
  • Dress the children
  • Toilets management
  • Tickets sales
  • Bow organisation
  • Speech (presentation and thank you)
  • Bar (soda + food)

Other tasks (or whatever comes to your mind maybe)

  • Support in communications (website, social media, design of flyers)
  • Fundraising for mirrors, floor
  • Development of new partnerships
  • Support in putting together a curriculum (formalize levels of ballet)

If you think you could be able and willing to help on one or more of these tasks, please fill in the form and we get back to you! Thank you in advance!

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