Kids classes

Our kids classes start from 3 years so kids at almost any age will find a fun class.

Depending on actual registrations and your feedback on the schedule, we may still decide for some modifications to the schedule and specification on the profiles and age groups addressed, especially for the theater, tap, contemporary, jazz and acrobatics classes. Please let us know when your child wants to attend a certain class but you don’t find the offered time suitable for your agenda.

You can always contact us through

The fall term will start on 9th September 2019.

Adult’s classes

– Latino Dance (with Rabbil & Kassim – Kigali Latino School of Dancing),   monthly fee:  15,000 RWF or Drop-in price 5,000 RWF.
– All other classes 5,000 RWF

Please feel free to drop us an email at to submit your demand for a certain class.


First term: 09/09 – 21/12 (15 weeks)

Second term: 06/01 – 05/04/2019 (13 weeks)

Third term: 14/04 – 20/06/2019 (10 weeks)

Preliminary date for the show: 23/05/2019 (to be confirmed)

General Assembly: To be announced